Legislative impact

Following are some summaries of the outcomes of conciliation conferences conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in response to complaints lodged with the Commission. The summaries are from AHRC's Disability Discrimination Newsletters and have been paraphrased by Rod Hunter, for ACAA. The links below take you to a new window opening on the Association of Access Consultants Australia web site.
After-hours Inaccessibility of Bank ATM
Difficult Access to Dental Surgery
Inaccessible Artistic Venue
Inaccessible Lift Call Buttons in Shopping Centre
Inaccessible Motel Accommodation
Inaccessible Post Offices
Inaccessible Showers in Swimming Centre
Less Favourable Treatment in a Hotel
No Accessible Toilets at Railway Station
Restricted Seating at Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Unsatisfactory Sanitary Accommodation in Gymnasium